The first “Puyallup Valley Fair” was held October 4–6, 1900. Now held for 21 days in September, people from all over Washington State come to eat corn dogs, see animals, scream on rides and at concerts and buy a variety of fun items.

4-H Program at the Washington State Fair

There’s so much to see and do at the fair, you might miss the 4-H dogs tucked away from the melee of rides and products being sold. You have one last week to catch the dogs and their kid owners showcase their skills. According to the fair’s website, you can catch these pups in action daily at 10:30 am, on the weekends at 9:30 am. See the schedule here. The goal of 4-H is to develop citizenship, leadership, responsibility and life skills of youth. 

Be Prepared for your Fair Visit

A few items to note to make the most of your fair experience.

  • Check the weather. Be prepared for sun, rain and anything in between. Take a backpack and carry an extra layer just in case. 
  • Traffic and parking will be hectic. The better the weather, the more congestion. If the main lots are full, check the local neighborhoods for street parking. 
  • Have patience. There will be ALOT of people in one area, all trying to see the attractions. 
  • HAVE FUN!!!
Puyallup Weather Forcast, Washington State Fair

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