Our Unique Approach

We believe in the philosophy “Work hard. Play hard.  Do the right thing.”  And so do our clients.

It can be challenging to find balance among the demands of growing a thriving family, achieving career goals and still finding time for the activities you love and causes you believe in.

Part of walking the talk of the “Work hard.  Play hard.”  philosophy is unplugging from work from time to time to relax, spend time with family and replenish our energy by pursuing inserts and activities we love.  At the same time, our dedication to provide exceptional service and responsive communication never waivers.  Our time away could never come at the expense of the quality of service you receive.

Cathy Morris, Vickie Jennings, Real Estate Agents PuyallupThat’s why I’ve carefully chosen to collaborate with Vickie Jennings to take care of our clients to be sure you always have the communication and access you need 24/7.  So, if one of us is “playing hard” the other is “working hard.”  That means at least one of us always stands eager and ready to make sure you have everything you need and is available for your questions.

You’re getting two agents for the price of one!

Please feel comfortable to reach out to Vickie with anything you need, just as you would me.  She’ll be happy to take care of you and will bring me up to speed so we’re all on the same page.

This is just one ways we honor our commitment to provide you first class service by staying fresh, focused and at the top of our game.

We didn’t enter this partnership lightly!  We both have extremely high standards for the level of service we expect our clients to receive.  It was so refreshing to find another REALTOR® that shares the same commitment to putting integrity and relationships first and interacts with clients in a way that clearly demonstrates they are the priority.

I trust Vickie implicitly because I have watched the care and professionalism she consistently demonstrates. That’s why we can depend on each other to protect our most valued asset…our relationship with you.

We appreciate working with clients like you who get the value of balance and fun in life. This is one of the ways we stay sharp and focused so you can always depend on getting the outstanding care and service you deserve every step of the way.