What We Stand For

Cathy Morris, Vickie Jennings, Puyallup Real Estate AgentsWorking together should be fun!  Even though buying and selling your home can be stressful, we believe it can also be fun.  We bring positive, cheerful energy and humor to the process so the time we spend together is both enjoyable and productive.   We’re blessed to work with clients we genuinely like as people.  Because we enjoy each other’s company, the buying and selling process becomes more fun, smooth and easy.

We want to earn more than your business.  We strive to earn your trust and friendship.

Building long lasting, loyal relationships is at the heart of our business, so we generously pour our heart and soul into looking out for your best interests.  We care about people and find deep personal satisfaction in making a positive impact on each person we encounter.

It’s our mission to take the time to truly listen and discover what’s most important to you.  It’s all about what YOU need.  We view the process of buying and selling your home through the lens of your highest benefit.  Fulfilling your needs and wishes become our top priorities.

We know we’re achieving this mission when we build relationships that go far beyond just the real estate transaction to create personal connections that last a life time.  We promise to providing the same great care of anyone else you send our way.  It’s such an honor when our clients recommend us and we get to serve their children, grandchildren, family and friends.

Action speak louder than words.  That’s why our actions will always clearly demonstrate that your needs are our top priority.   First and foremost, we care about you as people and believe in doing the right thing.  Count on us to always act with your best interests in mind and show you we truly care about what’s most important to you.

Trust is earned.  People who know us best would say you can count on us to mean what we say, say what we mean and do what we say we’re going to do.  We operate from integrity, professionalism and concern for what’s best and most important to you.   You will trust us to anticipate and minimize road bumps, while communicating consistently along the way, so you’re never left stressing or guessing about what’s going on.  We’re confident your experience working with us will prove you can depend on our ethics, clear communication and ability to negotiate powerfully on our behalf.

Reputation matters.  We operate with honesty and integrity.  While we are skilled negotiators and always seek to position you to get the best deal, it will never at the expense of professionalism or ethics.  We are at our most effective for you when our positive reputation paves the way for drama-free, professional communication with other agents.  We are also proud of the confidence and trust reflected by the repeated referrals from other agents outside our local area who trust us to take care of their clients.

We love animals, especially dogs.  This passion inspired us to create our Adopt A Pet Program.  Frequently we feature an abandoned pet who is up for adoption from our local shelter, with the hope of finding them a good home.  We pay all the adoption fees for anyone who chooses to make this sweet four-legged friend a member of their family.

Top 3 Recommendations To Sell Your Home With Pets

You hold high standards and strive for excellence in all you do.   So do we.  You will value having our combined 35 years of experience and expertise working for you. You strive to be at the top of your game, so you easily spot other professionals who seek to excel in their field too and commit to a job well done.  Enjoy the peace of mind and confidence that comes from working with professionals you trust to have your back.

Trust But Verify.  Don’t take our word for it.  Listen to what other people have to say about their own experiences working with us.