Who We Love to Serve

Busy Professionals with Active Families

Your life is busy enough.  Work… taxiing kids to sports practice and music lessons…taking care of pets…getting to the gym…(or even to the grocery store!)  It can be challenging to find balance among the demands of modern life.  Buying or selling your home can feel daunting in the face of your busy lifestyle.  The last thing you need is one more thing to stress about.

We understand juggling the demands of active lifestyle doesn’t stop just because you’re buying or selling your home.  Taking care of your work and family responsibilities comes first.  It’s our mission to listen to what matters most to you and lighten your load.

As dog lovers ourselves, we know pets are family too.  It’s important to make showing your home low stress for your four-legged family members.  We understand you don’t want to relocate your pets or crate your dogs, so work with you to make accommodations that work while still being able to get maximum visibility when listing and showing your home. Top 3 Recommendations To Sell Your Home With Pets.

Throughout the process, we proactively communicate so you’re always up to speed with timely status reports and not left guessing.  Our experience gives us the vision to anticipate and prevent road bumps to make buying and selling your home as drama-free as possible.

From start to finish we listen to what’s most important to you and work together to find solutions that have your best interests at heart.

High Achievers With Demanding Careers

You hold high standards and strive for excellence in all you do.   So do we.  You’ll value having our combined 35 years of experience and expertise working for you. You strive to be the best, so you easily spot other professionals who seek to excel at what they do too and value the commitment to a job well done.  Enjoy the peace of mind and confidence that comes from working with professionals you trust to have your back.

We anticipate and respond to the needs of busy professionals who value excellence, integrity, proactive communication and having a little fun along the way too.

Military Personnel and First Responders

Beyond our official training and certifications that give us advanced knowledge and skills necessary to meet the unique needs of military families (VA Military Real Estate Specialist – VAMRES), we value and appreciate the service and sacrifice you’ve given.  The opportunity to serve you well is one small way to say thank you.  We understand the specialized needs of military families when relocating, transitioning and finding your way in a new home town.  It’s our mission to make the process of moving your family as smooth as possible.

We recognize that law enforcement and first responders personnel also deal with unique situations and have specific situations that need to be accommodated.  We work with your schedule to be sure listing or buying your home doesn’t interfere with your work or sleep schedule.

Equestrian Enthusiasts

When looking for your next home, does the barn matter just as much (maybe even more!) than the house?  We get it!  Finding the perfect environment for your horses takes a special eye and understanding of the ins and outs of equestrian properties.  Vickie’s mom was a trainer, so she was literally raised on horses.  Vickie grew up showing horses in most disciplines and currently owns Quarter Horses.  From our own love of horses and experience working with buyers and sellers who share this passion, we speak the language needed to grasp what is most important to you about the ideal home not only for you, but your hooved family members too.  Have muck boots, will travel!

Golf Course, Country Club and Waterfront Living

You appreciate the finer things in life.  Your home reflects your good taste and high standards.  Over the years, you have imagined how sweet it would be to come home to the exclusive amenities and serenity of golf course, country club or waterfront living.  Whether relaxing on your own, or entertaining family and friends, a luxurious home in peaceful surroundings is a perfect fit for your lifestyle.  More time spent the golf course, at the club or on the water provide the ideal balance your fast-paced life.  You’ve earned it!  As a member of Tacoma Country and Golf Club (TCGC) and owner of a river-front home, Vickie knows the benefits and joys of this lifestyle first hand.  Let us show you how luxury living can be yours.

Smart Investors

We love Real Estate and believe in the powerful investment vehicle is can be.  It can also be risky.  Whether you’re an experienced investor, or new to the game, having an experienced set of eyes when buying your next investment property will give you more confidence to make sure you’re avoiding the pitfalls of a dicey real estate market.

As investors ourselves, we understand the risks, rigors and rewards of owning real estate.   We are uniquely equipped to advise you along your path to real estate investing.

Thinking of Downsizing?

We recognize that a home often is the largest and most precious asset that baby boomers possess. When considering a lifestyle change or downsizing, seniors especially need a trusted advisor to provide honest care that puts your need first.  We listen closely to clearly understand your goals and priorities.  It warms our hearts to know we can help set the stage for your retirement to be one of security and freedom.

In order to serve you best, we have earned advanced certification the applies to specific needs of seniors (Seniors Real Estate Specialist – SRES).  This designation goes even further to not only offer a deep knowledge of real estate and the local and economic issues shaping market trends, but also to be educated on issues of particular concern when making important financial decisions about selling your home that could affect your ability to enjoy retirement as you dreamed.

First time home buyers

Buying your first home can be an uncertain and overwhelming experience.  Making a solid decision about the biggest investment you’ll make, your home, can set the stage for your financial future.

Having the guidance of someone who truly cares and puts what’s best for you first, is crucial when buying your first home.  A calm, trusted advisor to walk you through the process can be the difference between a stressful experience or exciting journey.  We make it our mission to provide information, support and expertise, with your best interests at heart, so that buying your first home is both smooth and a smart investment.