Buyers Edition

You’ve looked at different properties with your Realtor, Cathy Morris, and you found one that is your perfect next home. YAY! Cathy advises you ask for time to do a home inspection (and explains that you’ll be the one paying for it). You think to yourself, “I didn’t see anything that looks concerning. Why should I ask for an inspection? That’s just one more moving expense”

When you meet with a home inspector, he or she will look for a large variety of things, inside, outside, and underneath the home. A more complete list is available here, but think of it like a routine physical at the doctor’s office. An inspector will check the “bones” of the house to be sure it’s solid, there is no evidence of pests, weaknesses, leaks, or anything else that could cost you money later on. The inspector will also check all of the systems (heating, cooling, fireplaces, etc), all the light switches, and even the outlets to be sure everything is in good working order.

Yes, you could attempt to do this yourself; however, you are likely to miss something. You may feel comfortable putting a band-aid on a cut, but you would probably go to the doctor for stitches or surgery. One of the most common problems that inspectors find is faulty wiring…would you be able to identify that?  So why not trust a professional, trained and licensed, to look for any potential issues. (For the 10 most common inspection issues, click here.

A home inspection is a highly recommended upfront expense that will definitely give you peace of mind. It may save you from an expensive fix later, and at the least, will let you find out more useful information about the place you are about to call home.